MB WAY presents new features: bill splitter and request money available in November

MB WAY presents new features: bill splitter and request money available in November

MB WAY has just announced new features requested by users: bill splitter and request money. The service, which is already part of the daily lives of more than 900,000 users, will also allow the access to ATM operations by using only the smartphone, without the need of a bankcard, and for the first time in Portugal, users can purchase only with a smartwatch from Samsung.

  • MB WAY is already embedded in the lives of users who have joined MULTIBANCO on the mobile phone. Now it adds the features that will further facilitate the routine of users, making life simpler and more comfortable:
    The new “Bill Splitter” feature was created for those who want to share expenses, like friends’ meals or group gifts. It will be possible for users to divide up to 14 people (plus one). The selected contacts receive a notification with all the details of the operation, being able to choose the card with which they want to pay or reject the division. Once accepted, each contact pays your share of the account. The maximum amount of the amount to be divided is €10,500, being the maximum amount per recipient of €750.
  • With the “Request Money” novelty, users can request money from their contacts. The contact who receives the order notification can choose the card with which to send the amount or reject the order.

Both features “Bill Splitter” and “Request Money” will be available in November 2018. In both of these new operations, the payer receives immediately the amount as happens with the already known instant MB WAY transfers.
The unprecedented functionality “Use MULTIBANCO” allows the user to access the regular operations of MULTIBANCO ATM without having to use a bankcard.

This access is done through MB WAY app. The user has to simply press the green button on a MULTIBANCO ATM terminal and choose the option “Use MULTIBANCO”. The QR code is displayed on the screen and with the smartphone and all the operations can be carry out. This operation will be available in March 2019.

Now available is the payment with MB WAY through Samsung Smartwatch. All MB WAY users, who have one of the latest models of Samsung Smartwatch, will be able to pay their purchases only with the touch of the watch in the contactless POS available in the merchants, as already happens with the mobile phone. The partnership between SIBS and Samsung created the first national payment solution with a wearable. The application is already available to be downloaded in the Samsung store.

“The priority of SIBS is to develop solutions that simplify the day-to-day lives of the Portuguese. The news that we have just presented fulfills this same objective.

The application is growing every day and we want to meet the expectations of users “, says Madalena Cascais Tomé, CEO of SIBS.

These updates consolidate the leadership of MB WAY as the Portuguese mobile favorite payments app. MBWAY, which currently has more than 900,000 users, also offers instant transfers, online and in-app purchases, virtual card generation (MB NET), cashless withdrawals and payments via QR Code or NFC technology.