PAYWATCH Security Solution

PAYWATCH Security Solution

End-to-end fraud prevention management powered by cognitive security services. Multichannel and multi-product real-time solution integrating best-of-breed technology with experienced operational management.

SIBS has provided global fraud management services for more than 20 years to customers in various parts of Europe and Africa. It has unique experience in a multi-acquirer, multi-issuer, multi-scheme and multi-product fraud management environment.

The SIBS anti-fraud solution allows rule-based and real-time monitoring; it is fully configurable (adjustable to different specificities in different areas); it is multi-product and allows for multiple angles of analysis. For reporting and future substantiation, the solution includes a database that is continuously fed with fraud alerts and effective fraud data. SIBS’ practice is based on elaborate business models, fine-tuned processes and proven know-how. All of this, combined with mechanisms – based on an extensive set of rules and parameters for generating alerts in the event of any suspicious activity – allows any incorrect functioning of the infrastructure or unusual card activity to be detected, allowing immediate identification and intervention, in order to prevent fraudulent card use or attacks on different payment channels.

The SIBS fraud prevention and detection solution is an end-to-end fraud management solution for payments, created to reduce risk and promote effectiveness by:

  • Preventing and minimising losses stemming from intentional abuse by cardholders, unauthorised and/or fraudulent users and merchants;
  • Detecting potential fraud situations through the generation of online alerts, as a result of card, merchant or terminal transaction analysis;
  • Efficient processing and documentation of potential fraud situations, from both the issuer and acquirer perspective;
  • Minimising the impact of fraudulent situations by classifying cards, merchants and/or terminals into different categories of observation level.

This solution can be implemented either as a module integrated with EPMS or as a stand-alone module connected to other processing solutions. SIBS also offers anti-fraud management as a service, leveraging the know-how of its experienced teams.