Card Solutions

Card Solutions

SIBS provides a set of related solutions to support issuers, delivering efficient, high performance solutions, such as card management, card personalisation and instant issuing.

SIBS card solutions can be integrated with SIBS EPMS modules or integrated with other processing solutions.


Card management

The SIBS card management solution provides a multi-currency / product / institution and language platform to issuers to manage card lifecycles, including all types of cards, namely credit, debit or prepaid cards regardless of the card scheme, as well as other card types, for example private label, virtual cards or gift cards, both corporate and private cards.


Card personalisation

SIBS is certified by VISA, MasterCard and American Express for bank card personalisation. It can also personalise cards for non-bank entities for a variety of uses, e.g. loyalty or identification cards.

SIBS is prepared to personalise any kind of card technology, including cards with or without chips, contactless, combo-cards (cards with non-standard formats) or cards with digital signatures based on card certificates.


Instant issuing

The SIBS instant issuing solution is a user-friendly application targeted at organisations that intend to produce cards on-site instantly, providing their customers with the ability to issue cards directly in any location, taking International Payment Scheme security requirements for instant card issuance into consideration.