Digital payments

Digital payments

SIBS has developed several solutions to meet different customer needs in the field of internet and mobile payments. SIBS solutions can be deployed and integrated with SIBS EPMS or interfaced with any other processing systems.


Mobile banking

SIBS mobile banking is a solution that allows customers (individual and corporate) of financial institutions, to perform financial and non-financial transactions on mobile devices.

The solution is PCI compliant, supporting different authentication methods (e.g. PIN, tokens) and dynamic security keys, as well as encrypted communications. Moreover, the mobile banking solution also includes the possibility of using different kinds of communication channels, including USSD, SMS or IVR. It can also be used through an application on a smartphone or tablet, or any mobile device.


Mobile wallet

The SIBS mobile wallet solution allows any customer, with or without a bank account, to perform financial and non-financial transactions simply, quickly and securely through any phone.

The solution makes it possible to carry out cash-in and cash-out transactions through different channels (e.g. agent, ATM), transfers, cardless withdrawal and several kinds of payments, such as bills, mobile top-ups or e-commerce purchases.


Internet banking

Based on SIBS’ experience managing multi-channel solutions, SIBS has integrated an internet banking solution into its portfolio. This solution focuses on delivering a user-friendly experience and security, simultaneously providing a management tool for the banks’ internal teams using the most recent technologies.


Virtual Proxy Card

The SIBS virtual proxy card solution allows cardholders to perform secure payments on the internet at any merchant accepting cards, regardless of the type of card or its scheme, just like at any merchant in the “real world”, through the generation of a virtual card for the purpose.

The SIBS solution also has some customisable features for cardholders, such as the possibility of generating cards for single or multi-use or defining different periods of validity and maximum amounts.


e-Commerce internet gateway

SIBS’ virtual POS allows merchants to integrate SIBS into their websites to allow their customers to make payments with cards. Additionally, the SIBS solution also provides merchants with back office capabilities such as making inquiries.