Electronic Payment Management System

Electronic Payment Management System

The Electronic Payment Management System (EPMS) by SIBS is a fully-fledged transaction processing solution for handling issuer and acquirer processing, as well as multi-channel terminal driving, authorisation and clearing and settlement.

The solution is multi-country, multilingual and multi-currency, with flexible configuration of products, web-based user interfaces, interchange and clearing with payment schemes, fee calculation, reporting, statements and billing. Multi-scenario switching and authorisation, real-time handling and on-behalf options are also characteristics of EPMS.

EPMS is a modular system based on fully integrated components that can be deployed independently, integrating diversified modules such as:

  • EPMS – Acquirer:
    Includes a complete terminal management system, a merchant management platform and an acquirer processing module handling all transactions on a multi-channel perspective, for example ATM, POS or mobile. Acquiring for VISA, MasterCard, American Express, China UnionPay and local Payment Schemes is also a feature of EPMS.


  • EPMS – Issuer:
    Includes a module for managing logical issuing, authentication and authorisation processing, including stand-in processing / authorisation on behalf of issuers. EPMS allows for VISA, MasterCard, American Express, China UnionPay and local brand card issuing – including EMV SDA/DDA, together with card embossing file generation and PIN management.


  • EPMS – Central Switcher:
    Guarantees interoperability in electronic payment systems through switching connectivity between all the market stakeholders, such as banks, switchers, processors, utilities and government agencies.


  • EPMS – International Payment Scheme Gateway:
    Routes transactions to all major international payment systems, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and China UnionPay.


  • EPMS – Value Added Services:
    Provides a broad scope of value-added functions to overcome a wide variety of customer needs, such as diverse Bill Payment services for multiple channels, multi-vendor ATM local applications, POS local applications, domestic scheme management, reporting, billing, disputes and chargebacks.


All of these EPMS modules are flexible enough to be integrated with other complementary systems / solutions from SIBS or from other vendors, including the monitoring and anti-fraud solutions.