Network Management

Network Management

Deep know-how and experienced team in operating networks with proprietary and highly secure softwares used in several geographies, namely in Portugal, managing the MULTIBANCO and ATM Express networks.

As part of its business strategy, acquirers and issuers are committed to providing customers with services that offer the highest quality of service and convenience with the highest levels of availability and reliability, in order to provide the confidence needed for end-users to increasingly choose electronic payments. Winning customer trust means having systems that are capable of being vigilant – transaction by transaction – but never intrusive. To achieve these goals, acquirers and issuers are looking for tools for business activity monitoring and terminal technical monitoring solutions.

SIBS has developed a set of solutions to monitor payment business activities as well as to overcome specific technical and operational needs, such as enhancing and monitoring the service quality of terminal networks.


Business activity monitoring

The SIBS business activity monitoring (BAM) solution is a near real-time, complex event processing software system that enables real-time calculations over customisable Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for different business lines, for example, ATM, POS, cards, mobile, internet banking or technical performance KPI, and processes operational performance and monitoring.


Terminal activity monitoring

The SIBS technical monitoring solution allows efficient management of terminals, namely ATM and POS networks, using a message feed to identify events (or their absence), detect anomalies and automatically dispatch service requests to recover the status of a faulty terminal.